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What We Do

It all starts with storytelling...

We take great scripts, unique voices, original concepts, and we pair them with talented filmmakers.  Experienced veterans and young phenoms; we like to put the right people together, and we love the collaboration of a dedicated group of passionate and responsible creatives.  We find the right cast at the right time in their career and we mix it all up until the movie has a life of it's own, until it transcends the ingredients that it's composed of.  We believe in beautiful details, controlled chaos, and the wonderful adventure that is making a movie.  Let's be honest, the fact that any movie gets made from start to finish is a small miracle made up of the efforts and sacrifices of hundreds of people.  But the best part is, if done right, that energy shows up on the screen, it soaks into the subconcious of the audience, and it helps them fall in love with a movie and sometimes not even know why. 

And it ends with the audience.

That's why we are here, to make movies that affect people, that entertain people, and send them home from the theater with something to talk about and that "good movie buzz." We produce a wide array of independent films with various genres and budgets.  Sometimes we roll up our sleeves from the get-go, and sometimes we hop aboard a movie that is already making magic.  We've got our eyes on great content, compelling visual filmmakers, and genuine, marketable films that will leave audiences and investors satisfied.  We strive for theatrical distribution but we also love the exciting developments in self-distribution, VOD, and sustainable production models.  The right project, the right product, the right experience.

Get your popcorn ready.

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